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How To Play


  The rules of the 21st Century Jingle Club are simple:

  1. Your jingle must be a poem. Poetry is a rather broadly defined term, so this should be a pretty easy rule to follow.  For the purposes of this web site, prose poetry is outside the bounds.
  2. You must use one of the four available words in your poem.  There are a number of ways to do this.  See the handy "Tips" page for examples.
  3. You may use a pseudonym or nom-de-plume to sign your jingle.
  4. You may submit as many jingles as you want.  You may submit more than one jingle per word.
  5.  There is no minimum or maximum length.  (But shorter jingles are more likely to be read by other users.)
  6. The original Jingle Club allowed for the creation of "Impromptu" verse.  This was verse that was written on the spot during the Jingle Club gathering, using a word that no one knew ahead of time.  I have not figured out a way to incorporate this feature into the 21st Century Jingle Club web site.  If you have any ideas on how I might include the impromptu feature, please let me know via the contact form.
  7. The original club also added another element to the game.  Participants nearly always used a nom-de-plume (pen name or pseudonym), but not always the same one, and even though noms-de-plume were often re-used by a particular player, each player had the option of using a new one at any time.  

    When each jingle was read aloud, each player tried to guess which of the gathered members wrote the piece.  The players all knew each other very well, and could often readily guess who wrote a piece, based on the style, the subject matter, and/or the nom-de-plume. 

    I have incorporated the use of noms-de-plume into the 21st Century Jingle Club web site (I call them pseudonyms), but the guessing game aspect of it is a little impractical to implement.  For one thing, I hope that many, many people will participate in the club, and the guessing game would require that players be familiar with each others' work.  As the number of members grows, this will be increasingly difficult.  Also, I admit that I'm a bit baffled as to how to make it work.  So for now, no guessing game.
  8. Jingles must not violate the terms and conditions of the 21st Century Jingle Club web site.