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Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to the use and operation of the 21st Century Jingle Club web site ("JC21").

We understand that privacy online is important to users of JC21. This statement governs our privacy policies with respect to those users of JC21 ("visitors") who visit without registering, and who register to provide content to JC21.

"Personally Identifiable Information" refers to any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate the person to whom such information pertains, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profiles, social security number, and credit card information. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information that is collected anonymously (that is, without identification of the individual user) or demographic information not connected to an identified individual.

What Personally Identifiable Information is collected?

Standard web log information is gathered from all visitors, registered or unregistered, including: IP address, date and time of visit, page(s) accessed, i.e., the same basic information gathered by all web sites by web logs. These logs are used to create reports of aggregate statistics for the purpose of helping the developers track page views and the like. This helps us determine which parts of the site are popular or unpopular, and helps us improve the site over time. This is the ONLY purpose JC21 uses such information for.

Visitors who wish to contribute content to the site must register with their real names and email addresses. We require this information to make sure that those who register are who they say they are, that they have registered to contribute content of value to the community, that they are not spammers, and that they do not intend to disrupt the smooth operation of the site with maliciousness, vandalism, or hack attempts.

Visitors may register at this site with their Facebook login credentials. In this case, their activity is covered by both this privacy policy and the Facebook Privacy Policy. What we ask from Facebook users is their real name and their email address (in case they wish to receive notifications and/or join the mailing list). We require no other personally identifiable information.

What organizations are collecting the information?

This web site currently does not sell anything, and requires no other information from its users than real name and email address. In the event that this web site may eventually offer some product for sale, such sales will be handled through PayPal, and such transactions will be governed by the PayPal Privacy Policy and Legal Terms. At no time will JC21 directly handle credit card information. If mailing address information (street address, post office box, apartment number, city, state, zip code, telephone number) is required to complete a transaction (or to ship something), then that information will be used by JC21 to fulfill and ship the order.

How does JC21 use Personally Identifiable Information?

We use Personally Identifiable Information to customize JC21, to make appropriate service offerings, to enable users to "sign" their work, and (perhaps eventually) to fulfill purchase transactions on JC21. We may email visitors about changes to the site and its offerings, changes to the policies, or information related to the subject matter of JC21. JC21 has an OPT IN mailing list for such administrative mailings. Users who do not OPT IN (subscribe) to administrative mailings are expected to periodically read the online version of the Privacy Policy for updates and changes.

We may also use Personally Identifiable Information to contact visitors in response to specific inquiries, or to provide requested information. If a user contacts JC21 with a question or concern, JC21 may respond with an email, even if the user did not sign up for the mailing list.

With whom may the information may be shared?

We may share aggregated information about our visitors, including the demographics of our visitors, with our affiliated agencies and third party vendors.

How is Personally Identifiable Information stored?

At this time, only name, email address, and (optional) photo is stored online for use on the site. User supplied content in the form of jingles, comments, likes, etc., are also stored, with the User's ID. No other personally identifiable information is currently collected by the site. In the event that JC21 offers a product or service for sale, then Personally Identifiable Information collected by 21st Century Jingle Club (as described above) will be securely stored offline and will not be accessible to third parties except for use as indicated above.

What choices are available to visitors regarding collection, use and distribution of the information?

Visitors may opt out of receiving unsolicited information from or being contacted by us and/or our vendors and affiliated agencies by responding to emails as instructed, or by unsubscribing from the mailing list.

Are Cookies Used on JC21?

Cookies are used for several reasons. Session cookies are used to identify a particular user so that user sees the correct profile information when using the site. Sessions are automatically ended after an hour of non-use. If the user selected the "Remember Me" option at login, a cookie is used to "remember" that the user is logged in after an absence. Cookies are used for no other purpose by JC21 than to make sure a user is logged in, and to keep user's sessions running smoothly.

This site contains Google Ads. Please see the section below on how Google uses cookies on this site.

How does 21st Century Jingle Club use login information?

21st Century Jingle Club uses login information, including, but not limited to, IP addresses, email address and password to track a user's movement and use of the site.  Basically, we need to know that you are logged in so that you can post to the site.  We track your login status for this purpose only.

What partners or service providers have access to Personally Identifiable Information from visitors and/or visitors on JC21?

21st Century Jingle Club has entered into and will continue to enter into partnerships and other affiliations with other entities (for example, Google for ads, PayPal for credit card processing). Such vendors may have access to certain Personally Identifiable Information on a need to know basis for evaluating visitors for service eligibility. Our privacy policy does not cover their collection or use of this information.

This site uses ShareThis to facilitate sharing between this site and social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.  The ShareThis Privacy statement details how they use information collected from people who use their service.  JC21 encourages you to read this privacy statement.

This site also uses Google Ads.  Google Ads are governed by the Google Privacy Statement.

Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information to comply with law.

We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information in order to comply with a court order or subpoena or a request from a law enforcement agency to release information. We will also disclose Personally Identifiable Information when reasonably necessary to protect the safety of our visitors and registered users.

How does JC21 keep Personally Identifiable Information secure?

The Personally Identifiable Information of our visitors and registered users is only accessible to the owner of the JC21 web site (and Facebook, if applicable). Currently, there are no other employees. This web site is hosted on a third-party hosting server, and while we take reasonable measures to maintain a secure site, electronic communications and databases are subject to errors, tampering and break-ins, and we cannot guarantee or warrant that such events will not take place and we will not be liable to visitors or visitors for any such occurrences.

How can visitors correct any inaccuracies in Personally Identifiable Information?

Registered users have access to their profile information (name, address, photo), and may change any of it at any time while logged in.

If a user has registered to this site via Facebook Login, they cannot change their profile information from this site. All changes to their personal information must be handled through their Facebook account.

Can a visitor delete or deactivate Personally Identifiable Information collected by JC21?

Registered users have the option of deleting their entire account, if they so desire. If this option is taken, their name, email address, password, photo, and all content supplied by them will be deleted. This is an irreversible procedure, and once committed cannot be undone. Users should be aware that the data is deleted from the live file system and the live database only. The administrator of this web site does not have the capability of deleting materials from stored backups at the hosting company.


Facebook users can also delete their content and profile record from the JC21 web site using the same procedure as non-Facebook users. The same caveat about backups applies.

All material that is shared to external sites is "out there", and will not be deleted if a user deletes the corresponding content from this site.

What happens if the Privacy Policy Changes?

We will let our visitors and visitors know about changes to our privacy policy by posting such changes on JC21. Users who subscribe to the mailing list will receive a notice by email when changes are made to the Privacy Policy that affect Personally Identifiable Information.

Google Ads:

Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user's prior visits to this website.

Google's use of the DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads to JC21's users based on visits to this site and/or other sites on the Internet.

Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the advertising opt-out page, or by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.


This web site contains links to other web sites. The privacy of your information on other web sites is governed by the Privacy Policies of those web sites.