Word of the Week:
New word
every Sunday!
4 Weeks to use
each word!
Use this word in a poem, in some     way.

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Handy Tips


Tip #1 You can use the Word of the Week IN the jingle.  It doesn't have to be one of the words that rhymes.

Tip #2 You can write the jingle ABOUT the  Word of the Week, without actually using the word itself.  The jingle would need to be CLEARLY about the word, however.

Tip #3 You can use the word in your jingle in the manner of an acrostic. For example, using the word "walk" as an acrostic might look like this:

We are heading off to school
And we never run or skip,
Lest we fall on hands and knees.
Keep a stiff upper lip!

Tip #4 When choosing tags, select words that describe the subject matter, and also the type of verse (lyrical, romantic, humorous, etc).

Tip #5 You may use as many pseudonyms as you want, but you may like to group jingles appropriately under particular pseudonyms.